Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pattern Success Month 1

This month I chose Simplicity patterns 5124 Home Decorating "Simply Teen Room Organizers" and 2667 "Organizer Bags". I recently spoke about the bulletin board in a previous post. I only used the bottom pocket portion from the pattern and am very happy with the result. I think having pockets on this board adds so much more to the look and provides greater functionality.
( I still have a few things to do before this is truly complete, but...)

I've been wanting a more professional look for packaging sold items from my Etsy shop. I found the Drawstring Bag pattern to be a great possibility. It was incredibly easy to make which is a major plus! I've never made a drawstring bag before. I feel so accomplished! The act of creating something from nothing is such a magical feeling! It's hard to fully describe. It just feels so great to look at an item and realize "I made that!"

I enjoyed completing my Pattern Challenge this month. There's another 99 cent sale going on this weekend! Can't wait to add a few more to select from in my growing collection.

I hope you will consider joining me in this challenge next month! Be sure to share your pictures too! Thanks!

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