Friday, March 23, 2012

For My Girls

Since diving into the world of Etsy my focus has been on building inventory for my shop, writing for this blog, and keeping up with my Facebook Fan Page. Recently I allowed myself to give it a short rest while I dove back into the magical world of my children.

Time to make something for THEM! They are the ones that inspired my creativity to begin with after all!

I took my oldest daughter to the fabric store where she chose fabric and supplies for us to cover an old bulletin board and fabric for me to make her a phone case. She found her fabric incredibly fast! I enjoyed how much fun she had picking everything out.

Once home, I finished up a dress I had started earlier in the week for my youngest daughter. All the projects turned out great and it felt so wonderful to make something for my own kids again!

Now I have promised them all crocheted baby bunnies for Easter. That's going to be fun (especially the red one requested by my youngest son. HA)!

That reminds me of one of my favorite books I used to read to the kids. "White Rabbit's Color Book". Someday I'd like to make all the colors and give the bunnies and book away as a gift!

Phone Case
Not quite finished YET..........the main fabric says "Faith Hope Love" The Polka Dot fabric is used at the bottom for pockets!

"Faux Pillow Case Dress" from the book "Small Stash Sewing" by Melissa Averinos
I made a DRESS!!!! (excited) : )

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