Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Beginning Thoughts

     I have been making crocheted animals, a.k.a. Amigurumi (Japanese for knitted toy), for a few years now and even sold some at a local craft show.  I had so much fun with that and would like to do more shows in the future.  I also really enjoy sewing and want to add that to my crafting endeavors. 
I thought Etsy would be a nice way to sell my items, which brought me to the agony of coming up with a shop name!  I knew the name would need to be broad enough to cover crocheted items as well as sewn items.  I am a person who likes options (LOTS of options), and when it came to making such a final decision as a business name, I felt extremely anxious!  After jotting down pages and pages of names, my husband finally mentioned the name “Entwined”.  The definition read, “to twine together or around”.  Ta-da!  It felt like the perfect fit for what I am doing.  I like the way it captures the essence of crochet.  The empty yarn wraps around the hook and connects until finally transforming into something wonderful.  As for sewing; sewing would not exist without thread entwining the fabric.  Entwining causes it all to come together.  It is the final step in the creative process. 
For me, the most thrilling part of creating is taking that wound up ball of yarn or a flat piece of fabric and bringing it to life through art.  I find it a completely magical process.  I am amazed every time!  That is what drives my passion to create. 
This blog will be my way of tracking my journey and connecting with more artists and fans in the handmade world.  I hope to improve my skills by learning more from you, as readers.  I enjoy a creative challenge and  am open to suggestions. 

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  1. No wonder Hannah is so talented! I can see where she gets it now. : ) I love the business name...good choice.