Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bookshelf Peek of the Week

I have enjoyed a large variety of crochet and sewing books, and I think it would be fun to highlight one each week. I’m going to call it (like this title) "Bookshelf Peek of the Week".

This week, I’ve chosen “Fabric-by-Fabric One-Yard Wonders”, by Rebecca Yaker and Patricia Hoskins. This book just came out fresh this year! The authors share some fabric fundamentals and sewing tips to go along with the 101 sewing projects designed by various artists. Sections are separated by fabric type. The fabrics are: light-weight cottons, quilted weight, home decor, flannel, woven pile, coated, fleece, knits, and wool. At this point in my sewing career, I feel quite confused by the differences between fabrics, weights, measurements, and equipment to use for each. I have felt somewhat “afraid” to use any fabric other than the typical light-weight cotton. Thankfully, this book covers it all and that fear is quickly fading. At the beginning of each fabric type, the authors explain the details of the fabric as well as needle types to use, sewing machine accessories needed, stitch types, machine settings, marking and more.

Now to marvel over the simplicity of using only ONE YARD of fabric to create something absolutely fabulous! How awesome is that? Many of the projects do require a few extra notions or embellishments, but ONE YARD of fabric, I’m sold!

You can almost always find a sale on a nice variety of fabrics at craft and fabric stores. Imagine a half off sale on your favorite fabric at only one yard. You could get out of there spending just a few dollars and make a simple, yet SUPER COOL design, such as the “Smart Girl’s Set”, which includes a wristlet, phone case, sunglasses case, and lip gloss case all with just ONE YARD! You get the satisfaction of saving your precious pennies, using your own uniquely chosen fabric, and personally creating it out of that little bit of material!

This book contains so many exciting projects! I’m itching to get started. I think my first will be the “Swaddle Blanket”. This one is made with flannel fabric. I’ve never used flannel and now I want to give it a go! Now that I understand the fabric,what needles and settings to use, I feel confident to run it through my machine.

I hope you will check this book out for yourself! I believe there’s something for everyone in these pages! I should also mention that Rebecca Yaker and Patricia Hoskins have also published the book entitled, “One-Yard Wonders”. It contains 101 sewing projects by various artists as well and has some really great tips. The projects are wonderful, again! Check that out too! You could possibly have 202 projects to enjoy!

What is your favorite fabric to use? If you have already experienced either of these awesome books, what projects have you made from them? I've made a cat bed and a chair cover so far.
Better-Than-A-Box Pet Bed ("One-Yard Wonders")

Folding Chair Pinafore Slipcover ("One-Yard Wonders")

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