Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Last weekend I began constructing the Petal Pillow from "Fabric-by-Fabric One Yard Wonders". It's a round decorative pillow and is really turning out very pretty. The pattern has been easy to follow and suggests a light-weight corduroy. I chose a dark pink and will use black satin buttons to fill in the center of the flower.

The pattern also suggests cutting out 175 individual petals to be sewn onto the top circle of the pillow. Somehow I ran out of material and only ended up with 150 petals. I'm beginning to wonder about the "cutters" at my fabric store. This is the second time my yard of material has come up short! I'm going to have to get assertive about this issue next time! My 150 petals actually went very far. I only need three more to complete the flower. That will be an odd order for the "cutters"!

I've enjoyed sewing with corduroy. I think it's my new favorite material to cut too! I was worried about cutting a circle because I'm not very good with circles, but the corduroy cut so smoothly and it came out great! This is a delicate project with all of those petals! At times, it's almost like working with real petals. This project takes a lot of patience and care. Even though it's "easy", it takes a good amount of time to place the petals correctly and sew them on. Pins and corduroy don't mix, so for the petals you have to carefully place them and watch that they don't fall off while moving from table to machine. The corduroy kind of makes them stick though, so that helps a lot! All-in-all, a fabulous project! I'm very happy! I will post a picture of the finished product when I complete it. It's on hold until I find the right color piping to match for the edging of the pillow.

The petals will be flipped down for the finished piece.

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