Friday, February 3, 2012

Bookshelf Peek of the Week #7

This week, I bring your attention to, "Tiny Yarn Animals Amigurumi Friends to Make and Enjoy", by Tamie Snow.

In this book, the author begins with a few basics to get you started and then gets right down to it with her very charming collection of 20 critters to create.

Very basic (cheap) yarn is suggested for these Ami's because "it's durable, washable, and holds its shape beautifully." I like Tamie's method for stuffing in small amounts at a time. She says "A pinch of fluff in every stuff." Cute!

The style of critters in this book are pretty easy to make. A few of them have some very lively embroidered faces with the most beautiful eyelashes, which I find a fun challenge to create.

My favorites are the hippo, turtle, lemur, and the lamb. I made the lemur and sold it at a craft show. Yay! I started the lamb, but am ashamed to say I ran out of the special yarn I was using and haven't returned to it. It's such a precious design too! (one day...)

I highly recommend adding this to your stash of Ami books!

You may also enjoy the website Tamie created called Check it out!

**What Ami's do you have in progress right now?**

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