Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Party Updates and Such...

What sickness will do to put you behind!! I was off the grid for awhile due to a very rude and terrible cold. I have learned I cannot take cold medicines! They put me out and make me awfully dizzy. I will say that because of it, I did a little "research" and found lots of wonderful cold remedies in the infamous world of Etsy! Of course! I mean, what don't they have??? It's pretty awesome. I created a treasury from my finds...

I made it to the Valentine Party just before my cold took it's turn. The party went very well. The kids thoroughly enjoyed all the games. Yay!

Kindergartener's are just so wonderful and easy to please! They're full of enthusiasm, energy, and seem to carry a natural appreciation for anything that is presented to them.

We played 5 games, and here they are:

Healthy Heart...I made heart bean bags after finding the idea on "Make and Takes"craft blog.

The kids had to toss the hearts onto the healthy foods

Jumping Hearts

Guess What You Are? Using clues from classmates they had to guess the picture or word on the heart that was taped to their foreheads

Heart Hopping...I had written actions on paper hearts for the kids to do while going from the starting line, then, on the way back they put a stuffed Valentine monkey between their knees and hopped back to the beginning line

Finally, Place the Nose on Ms. Valentine

After all the games (and there was a craft provided by another mom, but I didn't get pictures because I was setting up the games!) the kids enjoyed sitting down at their very festive tables for a special snack.

A bit tired out....

I did not end up making the crocheted hearts for everyone. O well! Who knew?

This year most of my game ideas came from a site I found called "Kid Activities". This is an incredible resource for classroom parties, crafts for kids, lesson plans, and really anything under the sun you want to do with your kids! There are some great ideas for fun things to do in the snow (umm...if we ever get any this winter, maybe we'll do some)! Check this site out....but I do warn you, you may be stuck on there for hours!

I'll get back to my Bookshelf Peeks later in the week...stay tuned...

Care to share YOUR room party ideas or sites you find helpful?? I do enjoy your comments...

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