Thursday, February 2, 2012

Valentine Party

It's time to start planning my daughter's kindergarten room party for Valentine's Day. Now I have a great excuse for crocheting a bunch of hearts! I enjoy making these parties festive and memorable.

As the room parent, I typically prepare four to five games to play. The kids gather in groups of four to six and rotate to each game station for about five minutes at a time.

One of the games calls for tossing bean bags, so I will be sewing a few bean bag hearts. Woohoo!

About seven years ago, when my first child began kindergarten, I found an adorable pattern from a Family Fun magazine for seasonal slip covers. I modified the size so they could fit on the wee little classroom chairs. I think I'm going to pull those out again for this party. They just add so much to the festivities. We are really going to be heart crazy!

I wonder how ridiculous it would be if I made a stuffed crochet heart for each child with their name on it? We'll see....

What are YOUR crafty Valentine plans?

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